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The ZC1 Radio Club


ZC1 Antenna by Moonlight

The ZC1 Club was established by a group of radio enthusiasts based in Wellington NZ to record the origins of this unique HF radio set developed during the early and middle years of the Second World War.

The ZC1 Radio was the outcome of a competition amongst leading New Zealand design teams to design a radio that could be manufactured in New Zealand under wartime conditions.  The designers had to meet the general specification of the new British No. 19 radio set designed by PYE.   The design team from Collier and Beale, a Wellington based radio manufacturing company, developed the winning design.  Using components largely supplied by the New Zealand Post Office and with development and construction costs also met by the Post Office, Collier and Beale were given a contract for the trial construction of 165 sets.

Exceeding all expectations the ZC1 was put into full production.  Production versions differed slightly in detail from the initial sets the most obvious change being the use of only one meter.  The Mk-2 version produced near the end of the war introduced further refinements and design change.