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FM Modified ZC1 Mk-1 Experimental Set

FM ZC1 Mk-1
Circuit diagram  7.6 MB
Chassis layout   0.6MB
Internal views
Component values 1.28MB
Description - Technical
Appendix to report  9 MB
Photographs surviving set


In early 1943 consideration was given to following the lead set by the USA military in adopting FM transmissions for it's HF field radios.  Early tests showed promise so it was decided to modify three ZC1 Mk-1 sets for FM working so that direct comparisons could be made between FM and AM transmissions, using as near as possible identical sets,  under the same operating conditions.  The tests proved conclusively that FM was superior under difficult atmospheric conditions. 

Britain was also developing the experimental Wireless Set No. X32 series of sets to evaluate the use of FM in HF radio sets and information and ideas were exchanged.  However neither Britain or New Zealand decided to introduce FM Field radios at that time despite the success of the tests.  This appears to have been mainly related to the cost of retooling for production, the higher cost of the sets, logistical problems in spare parts, test equipment and retraining of signals and technical service staff.


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