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ZC1 - Radio Truck - Fitted with replica Body

ZC1 HF Radio
ZC1 Mk-1
ZC1 Mk-2
General Motors Canada
Assembled by
General Motors NZ
Radio Bodies Made By
NZ Railway Workshops
Internal views
Replica body
Original body
Original truck


Replica ZC1 Radio Body on an original "Radio" CMP C8AX Chassis.

  This pristine looking radio truck has an original "Radio" C8AX Cab and chassis fitted with a replica Radio body.  The body was built by Tim Cooper and his father Jim who are based in Onehunga, Auckland from measurements taken from the replica bodies built by Ross Jowitt and the original body restored by Ross Hopkins.  Tim gratefully acknowledges the assistance readily given by the two Ross's which made this project possible.  The quality of the finished project is a credit to Tim and his father.  

View looking towards front of Radio Cabin



  When asked about the truck and it's restoration as a Radio truck, Tim had the following to say;

"I got the truck four years ago from a friend.  When I bought the truck it was completely dismantled down to the last nut and bolt, engine included.  It was really a giant mechanical jigsaw and all we had was a manual and lots and lots of parts!  At that stage we had not seen a complete CMP Truck"


A view looking Left to Right



  "We found the rear-body chassis mounts were quite different to the general service tray mounts. Our chassis had the two right angle brackets arc-welded to the front of the chassis in common with the GS chassis but the rear mounts were drilled holes on the top of the chassis rails.  We found this was the method used to mount a Radio Cabin so concluded our truck was once a Radio Truck. 

Sadly we couldn't find an army number anywhere under the paint. So with Ross Jowett's help we chose a suitable number from his list of radio truck army numbers.

Our cab parts were quite rusty, particularly the cab back, roof and inner guards so a feature of the restoration was rebuilding these.  It is probably worth noting that all the work was carried out in-house by Dad and myself except for the sandblasting."



Aerial slung between ZC1 Radio Truck mounted Antenna pole and ZC1 Sectional antenna.


"Once we had ascertained the chassis was a radio-bodied version, the decision to build a radio-body was easy. I have collected all the radio gear, boxes, aerials and other bits required to the point that the only item of kit not in the truck is the ZC-1 hammer, I would love to find one.

We have most of the Johnson chore-horse too, we just need a cage and fuel tank to complete it. 

The assertion that radio bodied trucks didn't have pintle hooks is interesting as ours definitely has and came with all the mounting holes for one on the chassis."  (The exception to prove the Rule?  Ed.)


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