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Prototype ZC1 Mk-2


Prototype ZC1 Mk-2  (Serial No.  EXP - 4)


Club member George McLean comments on this unique set and  it's differences compared to standard production units.   The main points of difference are; the missing dial clamp, the inked-in labeling for the crash limiter and the battery input socket (12v).  Also missing  is the battery polarity, which isn't shown.


View showing Front of set and below chassis


Internally, there's red rubber "gas" tubing covering the grid caps., the "homemade" red fibre holders for both ends of the aerial tuning coil and a hard rubber antenna tuning coil is used instead of the normal former used in the production model.

There is an extra hole drilled in the base of the power supply where componentry has been rearranged and a flat wirewound resistor underneath the chassis in the area of the receive section, not on the production model.

The meter is of the ZC1 Mk1 type, as is the power supply choke mounted in a square & not rounded box.

The date on the mic transformer box is dated May 1943 while  production ZC1 Mk2 sets are all dated 1944.


High view rear of prototype set


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