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Frontline Use of the ZC1


Locations of Guadalcanal, Vella Lavella, Mono and Nissan (Green) Islands


The ZC1 Field Radio and ZA1 Amplifier RF were first issued to front line troops of NZ's 3rd Division in Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

The troops barely had time to unpack and become familiar with their new radios before they had to repack them in preparation for the landings on Vella Lavella.   ZC1 sets went ashore with the first waves of the attack.  The ZC1 proved to be more effective in the dense wet tropical bush than other radio equipment in use.  Used in the front line in conjunction with the American No. 48 pack set, the ZC1's ease of use and relative effectiveness in the conditions was quickly appreciated by the troops.

As the Division advanced through the islands and Field Command Posts established, a number of ZA1 amplifiers were also landed for use with the ZC1 for greater range as required.

Experience showed that although the sets worked well enough the ZC1 Mk-1 required better "Tropicalisation" treatment and that under certain operating conditions the ZA1 Mk-2 Amplifier was prone to overheat in the hot and humid conditions of the Solomon Islands.  This led to the significantly better sealing and tropicalisation techniques used in the ZC1 Mk-2 being developed and implemented.


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