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ZC1 installation in 1951 ex NZ Army 80" Land Rover  

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Two Owners, 5,000 drivers


Club member Brent Bevan talks about his restoration of an old army Landrover and the subsequent installation of a ZC1 Mk-2 into it.


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When I procured this 1951, 80” Land Rover, from Trentham Camp back 1986, it was in a sorry state. The Staff Sergeant told me they were having an inspection and if someone didn’t give it a good home, it was being thrown out.

So home it came and languished in my shed for 20 more years. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

Last year (2007) I read that 2008 would be the 60th anniversary of Land Rover production, there was to be an event in conjunction with Warbirds Over Wanaka. That was the impetuous for starting the rebuild.

I have had a long time interest in Militaria, particularly the vehicles and communications, I foresaw this vehicle as a means to displaying both these facets of our history.


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The rebuild was a total strip and chassis. Rust wise, the vehicle was fine but it had had a hard time in the hands of the squadies with many repairs, some major.

It was decided to reuse as much of the original vehicle panels as was possible, making things fit and but not necessarily straightening everything, no fillers were used.

New bearings and seals, a NOS wiring loom (thanks again Leon). The Land Rover fraternity were generous to a fault, incl. some Aussie folks. The project wouldn’t have been possible without the time and effort put in by my Best-Man and Grooms-Man (30 years ago), two knowledgeable engineers, Burt Millman & Phil Lewton.



and After

Mahanga Bay Wellington


Seven months later, and quite a bit of blood sweat and tears, it was presented for its WOF which it flew through.

Three days later with three burly chaps in the front we set sail for Warbirds Over Wanaka.

What a fantastic event. Wonderful aircraft, vehicles and people. Following that a whirlwind tour of the Deep South and home again. 1500 miles on an untested 1600cc Rover engine. We burned an exhaust valve 200 miles short of Picton, but struggled in, in time to make the boat. Whew.

The vehicle retains its original 1600cc ‘F’ head engine, they went to 2 litre in ’52 and 2.25 litre thereafter.

The ZC1 installation is pure guesswork as no official descriptions have yet been uncovered. Anecdotally they were ‘installed’ however worked for the moment, including the use of baling twine!!!

Brent Bevan.
29th August. 2008.

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