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Low Band ZC1

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Unusual Lowband ZC1 Mk-1


This unusual set set with a tuning range of 1.65MHz - 4.2MHz has been brought to our attention by its owner  Louis Meulstee PAOPCR of the Netherlands.  In writing to us he noted the following:-


"I have no idea about the background of this set, I got it from the UK. At one stage of its life it has been put outside in the rain and I can still see the marks of the water level in the set. Thus you may understand that I have not taken much effort to get it to life again. Replacing original components with modern stuff JUST to get it working is a bit against my ideas. It is missing its original internal vibrator supply unit and so far I have not been able to find a cannibalised chassis with that unit still in.


My guess is that this set has been modified professionally, the dials are engraved and ARE marked Sender and Receiver, not very visible in the picture. The coils look very original and nothing looks like being modified after its production

The two meters are NOT the originals.

The knob fitted between the two meters seems to be for netting the transmitter as it is connected to the sender oscillator."


Tuning range Low Band set


Tuning range Standard Band set


It should be noted that this set is shown in a Mk2 case not the correct Mk1 case.   As the provenance of this set is unknown we have included it as a modified set.  However, it could well be an official experimental set which could explain it's presence in the UK.  Official records show regular exchange of ideas between Britain and Commonwealth countries, including samples of experimental sets, throughout the War.


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