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ZC1 Mk-1 type 2.

More photographs of this set


                               ZC1 Mk-1  early production model                       Photo by Andre-Yves Couchouron F1JHW


Following the success of the Collier and Beale built trial-production sets the production of 1000 sets was authorised.  However, considerable difficulty was experienced in obtaining certain components, especially meters and by April 1942 only sufficient material for the manufacture of 750 sets of the 1000 sets authorised was available.

The ongoing lack of meters forced a minor redesign during the first production run so that only one meter was required.  The redundant meter hole left in the remaining stock of already manufactured front panels was covered with a metal plate fitted with a watch holder.  Sets manufactured with this modification became known as the Mk-1 type 2.  Less than 1000 of this type were made.

The set shown above is located in France and owned by collector Andre-Yves Couchouron, F1JHW.  The set is in particularly good, almost as new, unmodified condition.  The history of the set is unknown but it most likely formed part of one of the large shipments of ZC1's sent to Europe in the last months of the war.  The sets arrived too late to see wartime service and although many were  disposed of as war surplus material, significant numbers were also issued to the rebuilding post war military services of a number of countries.    From the condition of this set it has clearly been in good storage for many years, possibly hidden amongst reserve stocks in the back of a Government warehouse somewhere.


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