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ZC1 Radio Truck - Replica Body

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The Reconstruction Story

This replica ZC1 Radio Truck body is in the Military Museum at Featherston.  It is the end result of an 18 month project, led and financed, by well known military vehicle collector and restorer Ross Jowitt, to recreate two  ZC1 Radio Truck Bodies from a rotting and disintegrating original.   Ross readily admits that this was one of the toughest projects he has yet undertaken with plenty of blood, sweat and tears to bring the project to this point.

The body shown still has to be completed by the fitting of shelving, original type light fittings, internal wiring and other miscellaneous fittings.  It is currently intended to complete this work after the body is mounted on the C8AX cab and chassis currently being restored by the museum 

The second body built during the project is more finished with  lights and most other fittings installed including a ZC1 radio, ZA1 RF amplifier and Chore-horse generator.  However some items such as the top vent cover, the air vents, the door check, and light switch still require fitting.  A few items such as the Wyndom Aerial Poles,  their holding brackets, and the battery switch have yet to be sourced to enable completion  of the project to Ross's satisfaction.  This body is also waiting to be fitted to a C8AX truck.  The completed truck and body will become part of Ross's personal collection of military vehicles.


View showing left hand side, open locker for battery charger visible - and door at rear of  body


View from rear of Radio Body.


View showing internal construction - right hand side looking forward from door


View rear and right hand side - locker for spare batteries just visible front lower corner


View showing location of spare batteries locker - also shows part of window backing onto truck cab window


View showing battery locker open 

Chore-horse charger


Locker for Chore-horse Battery Charger - front left side


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