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FM - AM  ZC1 Mk-1 Technical Description

FM ZC1 Mk-1
Circuit diagram  7.6 MB
Chassis layout   0.6MB
Internal views
Component values 1.28MB
Description - Technical
Appendix to report  9 MB
Photographs surviving set

1943 Report

This very comprehensive secret report written in November 1943 covers the reasons leading to the development of this set, it's technical description, adjustments and operation.  It also sets out the results obtained and the conclusions drawn.


When scanned and converted to a pdf  this file is very large hence it has been broken up into smaller sections to ease downloading.

Part 1 7.0MB  
  • Cover Sheet
  • Contents
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Set description
Part 2 9.2MB  
  • Set description cont.
  • Power Supply
  • Receiver
Part 3 9.10MB  
  • Operating procedure
  • Accessories
  • TX adjustments
  • RX adjustments
  • Netting
  • Flick tuning
  • Field Tests
Part 4 6.93MB  
  • Field Tests cont.
  • Summary of tests
  • Demonstrations
  • Conclusions



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