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The ZC1 Radio is a High Frequency (HF) transmitter receiver (It's not a Transceiver) designed and built in New Zealand during World War 2 for the NZ Armed Forces.  During the war the type was mainly used by the NZ Army but both the NZ Airforce and Navy also used a number of the sets.  After the war the type was widely used by many Government Agencies  both in New Zealand and overseas.   Also as sets were released through War asset sales on to the open market they became widely used by private users such as Radio Amateur operators and operators in the HF shipping and Landmobile services.

There are two main versions of the ZC1, the Mk-1 and the Mk-2 although a number of experimental or development sets were also constructed.  In all almost 15,000 ZC1's were made, 5,000 Mk-1's and 9,643 Mk-2's before production was stopped.

ZC1 Mk-1
ZC1 Mk-2
Updated May 2018